Yo Gotti – H.O.E (Heaven On Earth)


Yo Gotti – H.O.E (Heaven On Earth)

Though a quick glance at the video’s thumbnail may suggest a politically-themed moment of reflection, the opening brass section makes short work of those notions.

Southern to the core, what sounds like the devil’s own tuba blares a boisterous riff, the perfect anthem for Yo Gotti to make his national address. “Shorty thick thick,” he raps, in the introductory bars. “We fuck her friend together, that’s my bitch-bitch / I heard you hit her raw, you taking risk-risks.” Sex education like you’ve never seen it before.

Achieving title in the chorus, Yo Gotti proudly declares himself to be a “hoe,” seemingly on some pure Amber Rose’s Slutwalk energy.

But such labels do come with a warning: if you call him one to his face, expect smoke to follow. But first, some misconceptions cleared. That’s not to say he’s not into romance.

“I beat it up, she wipe me down, then we cuddle-cuddle,” he raps, clearly having some fun with it; in fact, the entire repetitive rhyme scheme makes for some hilarious lines throughout.



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