Yemi Alade In Search For Two Female Artistes For Endorsement


Nigerian music superstar Yemi Alade is on a hunt seeking young music talents to sign and give a platform.

She isn’t looking for just any music talent, she is seeking the females this time. It has always been the more popular move to sign a male artiste by any record label executive and the ladies on get signed much less than their male counterparts. On the other hand, we only get to see male music executives or record label owners do the actual signing.

Yemi Alade is here to change the narrative as she would be signing two new female music stars. She probably would be the first female Nigerian music star to sign a fellow up-and-coming music talent.

Her requirements are quite specific as she scouts for a bankable music artiste to enroll. Those who stand a chance must be females and between the ages of 18 – 20.

Yemi Alade shared her plan on twitter as she also urged qualified persons to submit their music for vetting.


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