See How Ycee Reacted When He Was Tagged Bad Influence


Popular Nigerian rapper Ycee CEO of A.N.B.T which is “Ain’t Nobody Madder Than” has fired back at a twitter user who insinuated that he is a bad influence on the youths and Nigerian children.The drama started after the rapper took to his Twitter page to share a picture of himself looking very “high”. You ever get so high that the only thing you can do is just sit there and compose yourself, while trying to keep your brain from falling out of your chest?” Ycee tweeted.

A fan who was bothered by the tweet commented that the rapper is a bad influence to the youths in the country. He advised the rapper to use his platform for better things rather than promote the abuse of drugs.

Setting a bad example for the kids. Use your platform well oh. Recieve sense!” The fan said.

Reacting to the advice Ycee tweeted- “F*ck The Kids”.


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