ROSALÍA – Juro Que


Rosalía – Juro Que

Ever since she released her landmark album El Mal Querer in 2018, Rosalía has been focusing on singles, releasing a steady stream of one-off tracks with reliably eye-popping videos. (The last of those was November’s “A Palé” and it was great.) On many of those songs, Rosalía has been moving away from the mutant flamenco sound of her LP into more centrist urbano-pop waters. It’s not really a problem because she’s good at it. But today, Rosalía has a new track called ‘Juro Que” — Spanish for “I Swear That” — and it’s a welcome return to the hyper-modernized sound that introduced her to audiences outside Spain.

Rosalía is up for a couple of awards at this Sunday’s Grammy’s and she’s performing on the telecast. (She already did well for herself at the Latin Grammys.) The new track’s timing, then, is auspicious. “Juro Que” is built around acoustic-guitar flutters and handclaps. But Rosalía also warps that sound with things like gurgling Auto-Tune. Her vocal performance is technically dextrous and full of outsized, theatrical emotion — appropriate for a song about pledging devotion to an imprisoned lover.

In director Tanu Munio’s video, Rosalía goes on a colorful, hyper-stylized prison visit. She stars in the video alongside Omar Ayuso, a Spanish actor from the Netflix series Elite. This time around, the video includes English subtitles, which is helpful.



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