OTL Logistics And Stores Launches In Lagos State


In a city such as ours (Lagos), which is known by all to be the Economic Capital of Africa and as such accompanied by hustle and bustle which hence causes loads of traffic which oftentimes results in people missing deliveries. OTL Logistics (@otl_logistics) has taken note of the failures of the numerous delivery companies in Lagos who fail to meet up with clients’ delivery time and sometimes even incur damages despite charging fees that are just plain high. In a city such as ours which is home to over 20 Million individuals of different ethnicity, nationality, and even religion. Gidi as we the funky ones call it houses over a Million businesses and OTL Logistics will help deliver from point A to B and even C for as many of those businesses as we can. We have done our feasibility studies and have learned from the mistakes of the existing logistic companies.
We will serve Lagosians better!

Furthermore, we have decided to aid Lagosians and Nigerians generally in getting the best choice out of the many retail stores across the country who generally sell fakes.
OTL stores which is located in suites i-76, Road 5, Ikota shopping complex (VGC), VGC, Lagos, Nigeria, is equipped to supply you with Fashion Items, and Gadgets.
Connect with us on social media via @otl_stores on Instagram to see our range of merchandise.
They are all quite affordable and we deliver nationwide.

Call: 08139336345
Mail: [email protected]

At OTL stores, our mission is To create a one-stop wholesale and retail store that caters to the variety of needs of our customers while offering the fastest available and affordable logistic service.

To be a global brand known for catering to the widest variety of needs of our customers while doubling up as the best logistics service in the world.

We offer only products of premium quality
We deliver fast, but more than speed, we are reliable
We are honest and dependable
We are responsible and take responsibility for our products and services
We understand the need for safety of our products for use and of your parcels for delivery and we strive to make that a priority

Our customers should not need to source for a logistic company after shopping
The best prices should be the first offer
We will grow to be the best wholesale and retail store that also doubles up as a logistic company out of Nigeria
The shortest distance they say is a straight line, the second shortest is from us to you

Never sell bad, damaged, or subpar products
In service delivery, our customers come first
Satisfying the variety of needs of our customers is the reason for this establishment
Always deal in good faith
If the customers are satisfied, they will return for our products and services

Thank You


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