DJ Sunnyyankee Ft. Saint – Turn Up


You have to love DJ Sunnyyankee. The prolific artist does not let anything slow him down, including self-isolation and nation quarantine. Here is a Single (Turn Up_ Saint) from his debut album (dreams Matters) that will only be available for stream enlisted online platform.

He has created this album for all of us to enjoy during this chaotic time, and in the process worldwide cleansing off Coronavirus.

The album releases not exactly out yet but dropping this hot single “Turn up”. Okay, Wow. DJ Sunnyyankee’s fans and Afrobeat lovers have a lot to look forward to. You can listen to other singles on various media platforms online. One never knows what to expect from DJ Sunnyyankee.

His album, released also with the band name Cybersound, featured very unique sounding songs. Here, they have come up with some of their best melodic work to date, combined with some genuine surprises. He sets the tone with the opening Single “Turn up” that starts off with a catchy hook guitar, a melody that would not be out of place on anytime you hear the track.It abruptly cuts to some very unusual beat structures. It is jarring and brilliant, which basically describes this album.

This is not Hip-hop, RnB or country, or folk, but rather a blend of his influences to create their own solid style of Afrobeat.
DJ Sunnyyankee is an icon who keeps exploring and expanding his sound. This album is full of incredible songs.
In DJ Sunnyyankee’s own words, “Stay home”.



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