ALBUM: Mac Miller – Circles


Mac Miller – Circles

It’s been a year-and-a-half since the world lost the young talent that was Mac Miller, and since that time, his family, friends, and fans have gone to great lengths to celebrate his life.

The rapper lost his life to an accidental overdose in September 2018, and in an effort to continue sharing his creativity with the world, Mac’s family has delivered his posthumous project Circles.

The album acts as a companion to Mac Miller’s 2018 release Swimming, a record that he worked on with producer Jon Brion. “Throughout all of his lyrics, his self-reflection is much more interesting than some other people’s,” Jon Brion said. “‘Circles’ and a few other songs on this record: You hear him acknowledging aspects of himself, either that he doesn’t feel capable of changing or things he thinks are questionable.

Things you’ll hear in the lyrics directly—‘I’m this way, and I think other people might not understand how I think, but actually I’m okay with that.’ It’s so pointed. I was just a hundred percent in from the get-go”.

Check out the featureless 12-track album, including the previously released single “Good News”, and let us know what you think.


1. Circles
2. Complicated
3. Blue World
4. Good News
5. I Can See
6. Everybody
7. Woods
8. Hand Me Downs
9. That’s on Me
10. Hands
11. Surf
12. Once a Day



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